French group with expertise in strategic intelligence and risk management

Our History

Velours International was created in 2008, with the purpose of providing its clients with the comfort and tranquility necessary for the proper execution of their business and affairs, as well as monitoring their international development in risk zones.

In order to address any concerns, our technical specifications are established in minute detail. Velours International offers a global solution by providing the know-how and expertise of our employees and partners. Our services are based on continuous and constructive communication, quality recruiting, innovative solutions, respect for ethical rules and current laws.

Deployments and Branches


Since 2011

South America

Since 2013
Argentina / Bolivia / Chile / Paraguay / Uruguay

The Andes

Since 2015
Colombia / Venezuela / Peru / Ecuador / Panama

With the benefit of a strong base established in France, the Velours Group has decided to become specialized in the treatment of South American issues, opening its first branch in Brazil in 2011.

In order to respond to market expectations and to expand its range of services in South America, the Velours group opened a Branch in Buenos Aires – Argentina in 2013, Velours Cono Sur, which serves Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In September 2015, another regional branch was opened in Bogota - Colombia, so we could serve countries in the Andes region, including Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Equador, and Panama, making Velours International the French leader in risk management in that subcontinent.

Moreover, in order to follow its clients in all other countries of America, Velours International developed strategic partnerships with local and duly audited service providers, particularly in Mexico and Central America.

Thus, we are able to assure a quality service identical to that in Brazil in South America (Southern Cone) and countries in the Andes region.

Strategic Choices

Velours International has received multiple national and international awards in the past few years as a result of the concentration of investments in Latin America, continued efforts by our employees and the trust of our clients.

<p>Award for a Company certified with an international quality level</p>
 - Velours International
2016 • Award for a Company certified with an international quality level
Given by the National Quality Management Institute – Total Quality
<p>Professional of the year Award – security expert category</p>
 - Velours International
2015 • Professional of the year Award – security expert category
Given to our Latin America director by Braslider – Brazilian Leadership Association
<p>Company of the Year Award – security category – referring to quality of service</p>
 - Velours International
2014 • Company of the Year Award – security category – referring to quality of service
Given by the Brazilian Education Society
<p>Entrepreneur of the Year Award</p>
 - Velours International
2014 • Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Given to our Latin America director by the Top Quality Institute
<p>Grand award for Excellence in Services</p>
 - Velours International
2013 • Grand award for Excellence in Services
Given by the National Quality Institute
<p>Vinícius de Moraes Award for 2013</p>
 - Velours International
2013 • Vinícius de Moraes Award for 2013
Best French company deployed in Brazil under less than five years

The group's ethic

Code of Ethics of the Velours International Group

The Velours Group follows formal conduct rules instituted around ten basic principles. This code of conduct is shared unrestrictedly by our personnel and serves as a guide for our actions, regardless of the geographic and cultural context.

Respect towards Law

Velours Group’ employees respect the rights and laws of the country where they perform activities.


The Velours Group is not subjected to any outside influence, whether political, religious or of any other kind.


The needs of our costumers meet the inherent capacity of Velours’ attentive listening. The action becomes inseparable from the reasoning, that’s why the quality of our advice is also built upon independent judgment of our employees, based on probity, impartiality, and objectivity.

Professional Ethics

Our customers are concerned with the reputation and notoriety of the group as much as we are with theirs. This mode of conduct excludes any type of corruption, guiding to act accordingly to justice, honesty and full transparency. The quality of consulting is also based on the independence of our employees, who impartially and objectively perform meeting all probabilities.


The Velours Group attests to the professionalism of its employees with high skill standards due to a rigorous recruiting process. Our employees must dominate the essential knowledge of their area of intervention and expertise, developing their skills through qualifications. Supplementary to it, consulting work induces an attentive listening skill, so we may understand and structure the needs of our clients.


Employees of the Velours Group undertake to respect professional secrecy related to confidential information at their disposal by the client or even found within their scope of work.

Respect towards diversity

The Velours Group does not admit any form of discrimination or attack against the dignity of people due to their ethnicity, gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation or creed. Our company is notable for the cultural and intellectual wealth of our personnel.

Equal opportunities

Recruiting and promotion of our employees are performed due solely to their skills and professional qualities.

Adhesion to universal principles

Our values consolidate the adhesion to universal ethical principles, such as The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the Letter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union of 2000, and the ILO Declaration on Principles and Fundamental Rights at Work and their Adhesion. They also compose the adhesion of our Group to the ten principles of the Global Pact, the Worldwide United Nations Pact. All of our employees approve and respect our Code of Ethical and Moral Conduct, which makes the Group respect and execute said conducts as a whole.

Integrity and Transparency

It is considered a conflict in a case where the interests of any person and one of our employees is contrary to our organizational identity. Likewise, our employees must have a spirit of loyalty and transparency, in addition to constant communication in the team, in order to discuss the appropriate decisions respecting the Law, and guaranteeing the interest of our clients.

Assistance to the Vila Nova Esperança community

In early 2012, Velours International approached one of the major leaders in the distribution of sports articles in order to establish a social responsibility department.
In early 2012, Velours International approached one of the major leaders in the distribution of sports articles in order to establish a social responsibility department.