Companies: the basic rules to get started in Brazil

Velours International has published an article in French magazine SECURITE GLOBALE explaining what foreign companies need to know to settle in Brazil.

Brazil's complex business scenario

Article published on 06/01/2017.

Grenoble École de Management University published an article about the complexity of doing business in Brazil due to high crime rates and also presenting the country’s high economic potential. Laurent Serafini, CEO of Velours International, was quoted in the article because of work developed in assisting French companies to settle in the country. => aqui não cologque University depois do nome da instituição. É como se voçê falasse “A universidade Havard University”, pode traduzir o nome Grenoble Management Schoo

After Brazil, Velours International bets in Argentina

Velours International, which attends clients in sectors such as logistics, luxury hotels, automotive and others, arrives in Argentina.
In South America, the subsidiary opened its first unit in Brazil. Also providing services to companies located in Colombia and Paraguay.

Velours earns 4x its predicted

Article published on 03/21/2013.


Velours International ended 2012 with a turnover of R $ 2.5 million in consulting in Brazil, four times higher than expected in its business plan at the opening of the Brazilian subsidiary in July 2011.
The company acts with consulting and auditing; risk and vulnerability analysis (operational, financial, legal, fraud, image and environmental); control of risks; aid in penetration and local suitability; protection of property; management of information and personnel.

Brazil its the target of companies with tactic products

Article published on 03/12/2013.

Companies are awaiting FIFA’s announcement on companies contracted to carry out stadium security in the Confederations Cup matches. The import of security products involves TR Équipement, a French company specializing in the development of safety equipment; Velours International represents TR Équipement in the country
“We see an opportunity mainly in the nautical training and the provision of this type of armament since many are not sold in Brazil”, partner-director of Velours International, Laurent Serafini.

Expansion of Velours Group in Latin America

Article published on 02/07/2013


Later from opening its subsidiary in São Paulo (Brazil) in 2011, Velours opened its second in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The choice came from the desire of diversifying its investments in Latin America as well as expanding its capacity to respond the players located in the promisor Argentinian market.

Economic and corporate espionage

Article published on 01/02/2013

Corporate espionage work in many forms, from a photo of a personal document to hacking and system alterations. A study held by PwC showed that 32% of Brazilian companies had already suffered from cybercrime.

Private security sector to grow 16% until 2016

Article published on 01/31/2013.

The approval of the Security Statute scheduled for this year should inhibit illegal activity, which causes, today, R $ 8 billion in losses to the public coffers. The measure helps Brazil as the best security market in Latin America, not to mention the inhibition of clandestine jobs, which do not have IR and other taxes, hampers competition from the security sector even in the issue of prices.
In 2012, the industry handled R $ 20 billion. For the next three years, it is expected to grow 16% of this sector.

Avoiding corporate espionage

Article published in December 2012

Enterprise data theft is hardly admitted since the corporate image is directly affected by such information. Many companies end up not coping properly and remain vulnerable to such situations when the ideal would be to recognize the fragility and anticipate possible crises. Velours enters auditing, mapping operational, financial, legal and image risks; among others. The need for a crisis management plan is not only related to hacker attacks and crackers but also to minute information security breaches even if involuntary as a simple phone call.

Corporate espionage

Article published in December 2012

The first step to protecting yourself from espionage is to recognize its fragility. Companies need to carry out an audit, map operational, financial, legal, image risks. It is crucial that risk management is done to implement a routine that will protect your business from the vulnerabilities of the corporate environment.

Velours International accompanies you and presents security solutions adapted to you


Velours International imports risk management software for business travelers in Brazil

Article published in 12/17/2012 – TI Inside Online


As part of its personnel protection service in Brazil, Velours International imported a software to simulate a crisis in real time to those traveling to Brazil for business. The simulator presents around 50 risk situations in which employees must choose among the options, the safest. To each option presented, an advice on how to behave in critical situations.

Information stealing does not require the use of force of violence

Article published on 12/14/2012


At times, the problem in corporate security, it’s to focus on personal and material security (cameras and armed bodyguards), without identifying vulnerability gaps as for example, in IT security. Brazil rank’s 3º as the most affected country by cybercrime, with costs reaching R$ 16 billion.

Mass events and the need for private security

Article published on 12/18/2012

According to FIFA, the Confederations Cup, which will be held in Brazil in six months, will have its internal security is done by the private sector and the external by the public sector. The big questions of companies willing to provide the services covers courses and the training required for the agents. Security and training for mass events are also among Velours’ services.

Lecture - Business security in the International arena

Article published on 10/30/2012 – France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce (CCFB)


Louis Bernard, founder of the former Layer Cake, now Crisotech,  and Laurent Serafini, CEO of Velours International, both companies specialized in training and crisis management, organized an event at the France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo. They presented some of the challenges faced by international companies and companies developing international activities, as well as their executives. They introduced Mr. Travel, the first of serious games software for the security of executives on business trips and its technological advances in crisis management.

Offering solutions for business person and expatriate

Artigo publicado em 05/09/2012 – Le Petit Journal


Brazil’s a country of conflicting realities, on one hand, there’s economic potential, on the other, do not provide the safety wanted by foreigners. Velours International offers tailored safety measures at the same time it’s preserving the moment. The company offers the tools and the training needed to assure the highest security measures, or as requested, especially in urban areas.

Use of social networks and risks of strategic information's leaks

Article published in August 2012

In order to demonstrate in a lecture, with the permission of the company, the Velours only with the analysis of social networks managed to obtain in 30 minutes the bank data of the same. Information leakage and fraud cost millions every year, and it is important to note that Brazil is the fastest-growing country in the world with the largest number of online users in Latin America, but it is also ranked 5th in the World Ranking by the number of users.

Understand the need for information protection

Article published in 07/2012 – Fenacon Magazine

“(…) In France, a survey revealed that half of small and medium-sized companies that were victims of data theft in R&D broke down over the next two years”, says Laurent Serafini, partner, and director of Velours International. High-level information stealing specialists can be hired for about $ 400 a day. The overall practices include simple theft of documents, photos, theft of a shipment of extremely sensitive information that puts the work of the company at risk.

Specialist in management of companies in risk zones

Article published in 05/30/2012 – Le Petit Journal


Brazil has the 6th largest GDP in the world, and with the opportunity to host something like the Olympics, the number of investments it attracts increases.
The services offered by Velours, for expatriates and entrepreneurs, are designed according to the needs of a complex country as Brazil requires. As result, expatriates have been given tools to better familiarize themselves with the country for their business, strategies and economic integration.

Strategic position

“In 2011, the CCFB (French-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce) received 545 requests for information about Brazil, 367 of French companies and 178 of Brazilian companies interested in the French market…”; Director of Ubifrance in Brazil, Benoît Trivulce. Trivulte associates Brazil with four “Cs”, complex by the tax system, complicated because it requires constant presence, costly for the tax burden, and competitive for having companies of diverse origins. This is why Velours maintains continuous contact with the real needs of its customers.
Laurent Serafini, Managing Director of Velours, explains that Brazil will be the main country of the security market in Latin America by 2016, with about 55% of an estimated $ 460 million annual profit.

Velours International enters Brazil

With revenue of € 1.5 Billion per year, the French Group Velours Securité, installs its first subsidiary in Latin America, more exactly, in São Paulo, Brazil. Expert in risk management, the company surveyed the local scenario and presented a list of services, as emergency situations as executive hijacking, removal of expatriates, escort, among others.